Yes I have written an entire blog post about a rubber BUT this is no ordinary rubber.

This is the answer to all of your eraser related woes!

How many times have you opened your pencil case to find your rubber covered in ink, black with graphite?

How often have you carelessly picked up your rubber not bothering to give it the usual once over to make sure its clean enough to use, only to end up creating a large black smear across your page?

How many rubbers have you lost to boredom? How many have you sat and stabbed with your pen, pencil, compass, Stanley knife, just because it was there and you were bored and let’s face it, its pretty fun to stab a rubber?

The MUJI rubber doesn’t have these problems.

The MUJI rubber, or ‘Eraser Stick’ to give its proper name is a stick of rubber wrapped in paper so that only a small section at the top is open to the elements. This way only a small part of your rubber will be ruined by stray ink rather than the whole thing.

The paper not only protects the rubber from ink and graphite but also from destructive bending and stabbing.

But that’s not all! Not only is it the most practical rubber I’ve ever come across its also pretty fun. Unraveling that tiny bit of rubber is a solid 10 seconds of shear joy! I’ll admit that I am very easily amused but even if you don’t find it wildly entertaining I can guarantee you’ll at least find it mildly interesting.

If you would like to check out more of MUJI delightful stationary (they design a lot more than stationary, but their stationary is my favourite) visit: MUJI Online


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