Exploring Places of Worship

The best example that I can think of for how great design can inspire is the architecture of places of Worship.

Now, maybe I’m biased. I love God and thus it makes sense that I should love buildings that are designed with the purpose of worshiping him, and I suppose that as a result of my faith I am predisposed to be inspired by such buildings.

But if I put my bias aside I still believe that Churches, Cathedrals and Chapels are some of the most stunning buildings about and that whether you believe in the God they are built to please or not, they create a unique atmosphere and inspire a unique feeling not found in other buildings.

Obviously not all churches are ‘Great Design’. There are a great number that are built purely to be functional, that have been built quickly or on a budget (this is largely true of modern, protestant, buildings where the emphasis is on the ministry of the church and the facilities provided by the building rather than the look of the building, which is completely understandable).

The thing I like most about Churches is the way they utilise light. I feel that it is their manipulation of light, which is highly symbolic in nearly all religions, that causes these buildings to inspire. Their use of light creates an atmosphere that urges us to look outside of ourselves and inspires us to reflect.

The ability of these buildings to inspire a certain way of thinking and feeling is the main reason I believe so many of them to be Great Design.

To get a better idea of what I mean take a gander at my ‘Places of Worship’ Pinterest board!


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