Choosing A Topic

The other part to this Design & Technology blog is the discussion of a particular area related to Design and Technology.

In the past couple of years I have become involved in social justice, and it has became apparent to me, as it has to many others that the modern supply chain of mass manufactured goods is full of examples of exploitation of individuals and communities.

We often assume that only cheap brands or companies with overseas factories are capable of exploiting their workers, and of course sometimes they do, but it is also true that companies with Local factories, who source their materials locally and charge a high price for their final product are also capable of exploitation.

We have come too far to still allow and support exploitation, just because we can’t always see it does not mean it’s not happening, and I believe that it is our duty as consumers to investigate where the things we buy come from and the duty of designers to ensure that the products they design are not further legitimising human exploitation.

For next couple of months I am going to be researching the true human cost of modern design and manufacture.


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