211 Million

In the world today there are 211 million children under the age of 15 employed around the world, 73 million of whom are below the age of 10. They can be found working in mines, factories, farms, boats, in people’s homes, on the streets- children are employed all over the world by employers seeking cheap labour and more compliant workers.

These children are being exploited. Their families are desperate for money and the children desperate to help. Sometimes they’re orphans who believe that the person exploiting them for profit is going to look after them, provide for them. These children are commonly made to do jobs which are extremely dangerous, and a number of them loose their lives.

20 million children are employed in factories, factories which make toys, fireworks, footballs, decorations, food and clothes. Factories which supply us. How horrifying is that?

How sickening that we read about child labour in the Victorian cotton mills and chimneys and talk about how disgraceful and disgusting it was that it happened, and congratulate ourselves on eradicating it on these shores, only to fund it on somebody else’s shores-today.

If you want to get an idea of the scale of the problem and how wide spread it is, the US Labour Department has compiled a list of all areas in different countries in which child labour has been found. The list includes forced labour as well.


Other statistics and data can be found here:

The World Counts





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