Are Our Workers Protected?

Continuing my research on the plight of the factory worker I came across a pretty shocking article from Canada.

The article claimed that studies carried out in Canada found that women (and men) who had worked in factories with plastics were up to 400% more likely to develop breast cancer along with other life destroying illnesses.

What’s really shocking though is that no one really cares. No one is doing anything about it, and most workers had never even considered that their work might be the problem, they had simply put it down to bad luck. But maybe it wasn’t bad luck at all.

I was intrigued as to how this could be allowed to happen, and I was especially curious after I’d visited the plastics factory and had witnessed first hand the kind of conditions people working in factories can consider normal and be expected to work in all day, every day. I checked out the government guidelines with regards to plastics and fumes, and they seemed surprisingly vague. It seemed to be mostly guidelines for good practice rather than laws.

Maybe I was looking in the wrong place, or maybe I just don’t understand them, but they didn’t seem to be very comprehensive at all. Suddenly what I saw in the factory, and read in the article didn’t seem all that surprising after all.



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