Exploitation in the Sex Industry

This isn’t entirely relevant but it’s worth mentioning.

Nefarious is a documentary about slavery and exploitation in the sex industry, it’s a difficult watch but I think it’s important to know what really goes on in the world.

The documentary covers women tricked into sex slavery from Eastern Europe who become trapped in legal red light districts where no one is looking too closely at anything that goes on, young girls in the Philippines sold by their families into prostitution so their fathers didn’t have to work. Girls as young as 7. And women in america who entered the sex trade of their own free will but who quickly became the slaves of violent and abusive pimps.

So yes, this is not related to manufacture in any way but it is related to slavery and child labour and exploitation and if you want to learn more please watch it, or google it, but be warned its a really tough 2 hours.


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